This page contains pictures of Caroline up to 8 weeks old.

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12-30-02 Beautiful baby

Brave new world!

Brand New

Dee and Caroline in Hospital With Casey at hospital

01-01-03 with Casey

New Dad Scott in Hospital Proud new Dad

Another Hospital picture

01-01-03 with Mommy

1st Family Portrait

01-04-03-1st family portrait

Proud Grandpa

01-01-03 Grandad Royster


First Week at home

Going home after 1 wk checkup with doctor
snowsuit-Am I in here somewhere? Favorite pasttime

01-04-03 Nap time with Daddy


01-04-03 Wide awake

New hairdo

01-06-03 New Hairdo

Dee and Artie

01-06-03 Dee & Artie

Proud Grandma

01-16-03 With Grandmom Royster

Grandmom Reddick

01-16-03 Ellen and Caroline

Hanging out in crib Grandma Royster

Paula and Caroline

01-23-03 Favorite sleeping position Favorite Activity

01-23-03 Sleeping on Daddy

Sleeping with Artie

01-29-03 nap with Artie

Where is my hair?

01-29-03 Where is my hair?

02-06-03 Sitting I can sleep anywhere!

02-08-03 Asleep in carrier

02-08-03 Ready to go 02-08-03 Caroline in Carrier 02-08-03 In Jim's lap
Meeting Jim

02-08-03 Meeting grandpa

Curious Bogey

02-08-03 Bogie meets Caroline

02-08-03 Bogey is fascinated Bogey keeping watch

02-08-03 Bogey keeps watch


02-08-03 Bogey sneaks a sniff

02-08-03 Grandma and bogey
02-08-03 I have a bow in my hair!

Uncle Jabbar

02-08-03 Jabbar holds Caroline


Uncle Jabbar


02-08-03 with Laurie

Aunt Laurie

02-08-03 Laurie and Caroline



02-11-03 Yawn


02-11-03 Bath time

02-11-03 Early Smile  

02-11-03 Asleep in Glider


02-11-03 High-rise Ponytail

02-11-03 Pebbles 02-18-03 BigSmile
02-05-03 Ponytail.jpg (48909 bytes)

Grandparents Royster

02-07-03 Roysters.jpg (63097 bytes)

Mer Mer

mer mer feb 6.jpg (41115 bytes)

02-14-03 Pretty in pink.jpg (45302 bytes) Walmart Valentines

02-14-03 WallMart Valentines.jpg (52430 bytes)

Oh, the hair!

03-19-03.jpg (42568 bytes)

Ready for church

0216-03 Dressed for Church.jpg (59754 bytes)

With Taylor, Debbie and Casey

Debbie T C C feb 12.jpg (66198 bytes)

Hair this long on a 2-month-old?

long hair.jpg (49217 bytes)

02-14-03 Happy Valentine.jpg (59420 bytes) Am I pretty in pink, or what?

pebbles2.jpg (49276 bytes)


what a pout.jpg (51567 bytes)