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0817-cutie.jpg (40355 bytes) 0819-angel.jpg (46169 bytes) 0817-reddicks.jpg (51708 bytes) 0903PattyCake.jpg (47510 bytes) 1019-captain-fussy-bug.jpg (45010 bytes) 1019-pooped-from-sightseein.jpg (31947 bytes)
8-17-03 Cutie Angel Christened with the Reddicks 9-03-03 Patty-Cake 10-19-03 Captain Fussy-Bug 10-19-03 Too much sight-seeing
1019-watching-tv-with-sam.jpg (56035 bytes) 1019-with-daddy-in-portland.jpg (62974 bytes) 1021-family-at-falls.jpg (47523 bytes) 1021-nap-head.jpg (58291 bytes) 1030-10-months-old.jpg (42226 bytes) 1030-look-at-all-my-teeth.jpg (35919 bytes)
10-19-03 TV with Sam With Daddy in Oregon Family Portrait at the Falls Nap Head 10/31/03  10 Months Old! See all my teeth
1031-at-parade-with-Emma.jpg (39957 bytes) 1031-ladybug.jpg (83502 bytes)
10/31/03 Parade with Emma 10/31/03 LadyBug Thanksgiving Big Announcement I'll be a great BIG SISTER! Before Dinner During Dinner
After Dinner Laurie Where's Mine? With Bogie's Ducky Christmas Dress Ho! Ho! Ho!
...but I don't like cake too much with Mom with Santa '03 Wow! I am one! the boxes are best!

1/25/4-Beach Baby Feeding the birds with Mer-Mer I DON'T like snow! Wanna go in! Big snow 
What is this stuff? 03/07-Spring!  Walking  04/07-Spaghetti Bug This is FUN! Easter 2004