Brand New! (One hour)
My name is Sarah Campbell.  I arrived on May 20, 2004 at 10:25 a.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz., 20 inches long.  My parents are Scott and Dee, and Caroline is my big sister!

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Dee and Sarah Family Portrait Kiss! Roaming Gnome! 0520-Brand-new
0520-meeting-grandma 0520-Proud-Daddy 0520-scales Hello,-Daddy Meeting-Crazy-Grandma
Meeting-Nana Mom's-first-look Comfy-on-Daddy Daddy-and-girls Daddy-with-his-girls
First-doctor's-appointment First-Princess-wave First-tub-bath Footprint Going-home!
Jabbar-and-Caroline Laurie,-Jabbar-and-Sarah Leaving-my-first-party Meeting-Caroline Meeting-Daddy's-Daddy
Meeting-Grandma-Nancy Meeting-Laurie Meeting-Maw-Maw Meeting-Mer-Mer Meeting-the-Princesses
Meeting-the-Wallaces Our-new-ride Rose-from-church Shampoo Snoozin'
Snuggling-with-Artie Sooo-tired! Sweet-kisses THIS-big! 2 Months
Sarah, 9 wks. with Brady, 6 wks. Sarah and Artie Sleeping 11 Weeks Wet hair curls 
Babies! Can I lean on you? Too much for Brady My New Jumper! 3 months
Sarah smiles Caroline and her favorite baby 09/29/04 - 4 months already! 09/29/04 09/29/04







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